Our Story


We choose the path less traveled, unless we’re in our golf carts (then please use the actual path!).

We’re putting a new spin on an old game because we know that every good tradition needs a shake up once in a while. Here at RSGC, we’re more about connection and less about perfection. We’re relentlessly enthusiastic about getting people out on the green, whether it’s their first time or their
swing has been years in the making. We like to think that our adaptability sets us apart in an industry where everything can be rigid and highly traditional. We’re flexible in our approach because we truly believe that the game of golf is for everyone, and everyone’s needs are a bit different.

We know that golfers tend to be happy people (studies show it – we’re not just pulling that out of thin air), and we consider it an honour to facilitate that experience. Whether it’s the fresh smell of grass, the exquisite scenery of the course, or the allure of a crispy beer on the patio at the end of the day, we can guarantee you’ll leave feeling revitalized. There’s something special about golfing and it shouldn’t just be reserved for the pros.
With two decades under our belt, we’ve managed to create an environment where you can unwind,
feel welcome, and refresh. At River Spirit, we know your name, and if you’re ready to get out of the city, we’re here – only 30 minutes away.

Come for the golf, stay for the scenery, come back for the feeling.



We know that the word “golf” can often represent exclusivity to many people — we’re here to change that. We’re challenging the norm and encouraging more people to hit the fairway. We believe that golf is for all so we use innovative tactics to bring our community together. We believe that by connecting to one another through shared experiences we’re able to more firmly grasp what it truly means to cultivate a diverse community. At the end of the day, we simply want everyone to just get out and golf.


By putting daily emphasis on top to tail improvements within our establishment, we’re able to reach higher heights within our business as a whole. We use our collective know-how to improve our operation every single day. For real growth to happen, it has to be holistic and we keep that idea at the forefront.


Our commitment to transparency allows our community to fully lend us their trust when they visit our course. Our goal is to foster an environment of recreation and relaxation, so we’re sure to leave everything on the table for our guests. With us, there is no second guessing or hidden fees.


Removing fear and focusing on the good are two things we stand firmly by. We are here to create an
environment that is positive for all patrons that walk onto our property. We acknowledge the difficulty
in moving from the “can’t” to the “can” and our goal is to assist those in their golf journey because we
believe that this an activity that all can experience in a format that suits their identity. From the pro
shop to the restaurant and especially the course, we’re putting the fun back in golf.


We don’t strive to be anything but completely and authentically ourselves. Our proximity to Calgary
coupled with our stunning grounds are enough to really set us apart, but we don’t stop there. We
add our own unique flair to all aspects of our business, because we refuse to fall into the (sand) trap of typical golf course routines. In every corner of our establishment, there is meticulous thought and care put into adding that extra special touch — because to us, that’s what really makes the difference, between something good and something spectacular.