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We are currently hiring across three departments for the 2024 summer season! Please read the descriptions below to learn more about working in each department and how to apply.

We are looking for PGA Professional to join our crew for the 2024 season. If you have interest in the position please email

Proshop & Backshop

As an employee in a golf shop, your job duties may include managing inventory, processing sales transactions, answering customer questions, and providing general assistance to customers. Additionally, you may be responsible for organizing and setting up displays, promoting new products, and keeping the shop clean and well-maintained. To be successful in this role, it is important to have strong communication skills, excellent customer service skills, and willing to take incentive. Whether you have stepped on a golf course or not the golf shop can provide a fun and engaging work environment that allows you to interact with not only your fellow employees but also with the members and guests.

In addition to the duties mentioned earlier, working in a golf shop may also involve answering phone calls, booking tee times, and assisting with any inquiries from members or customers. Greeting and helping members as they come into the shop is also a crucial aspect of the job, as it helps create a welcoming and friendly environment. Additionally, you will be required to assist with the backshop duties, such as cleaning and organizing golf carts, maintaining the driving range, and setting up for events. As such, flexibility and willingness to take on a variety of tasks are valuable traits for those working in a golf shop. Overall, working in a golf shop can offer a diverse and engaging work experience that requires a combination of customer service, organizational, and technical skills.

Backshop duties can be diverse and challenging, but they play a vital role in ensuring a well-maintained and organized golf course. Part of the backshop duties includes cleaning and organizing golf carts, ensuring that they are in good working condition and ready for use by guests. Attention to details is key because backshop has the responsibility for inspecting golf carts for damages and reporting any issues to the proshop team for prompt repair or replacement. Employees are responsible for a range of tasks, including cleaning and organizing the driving range stalls, setting up the driving range for guests, and greeting and assisting guests as needed. They may also be responsible for janitorial duties, such as cleaning restrooms and other facilities on the course.

Working in close collaboration with the proshop team, backshop employees ensure that all guests and members have an excellent experience by providing rental clubs and ensuring that all equipment is properly stored and maintained. A willingness to work as part of a team, excellent customer service skills, and attention to detail are all crucial for success in this role. Whether it’s organizing the driving range, managing inventory, or providing excellent service to guests, backshop employees play an essential role in maintaining a successful and thriving golf course.

To apply for a position at our proshop and backshop, please email a cover letter & resume to Molly at 

Food & Beverage

Working as a server at a golf course can be a dynamic and exciting job. Servers are responsible for providing excellent customer service to guests and members while working in both the restaurant and snack shack areas. The restaurant is where guests can enjoy a meal or drinks after or before their round of golf. The snack shack, on the other hand, is where golfers can grab a quick bite or refreshments while out on the course. It’s important to note that both areas are shared and not separate, which means that servers must be able to transition seamlessly between the two and be familiar with the menus and offerings in both areas. Additionally, during the weekly leagues that begin in May, servers must be able to handle the increased volume of guests and provide quick and efficient service. Along with the weekends. With saying this keeping accurate accounts of all transactions is a top priority.

Another job opportunity in a golf course is working as a beer cart girl on the golf course. This job involves driving a cart around the course and selling beer and other drinks to golfers. Rain or shine, beer cart girls must be able to provide excellent customer service to guests and members, all while navigating around the course and ensuring that they have enough inventory to meet demand. Additionally, they must be able to handle cash and credit card transactions, keep accurate records of sales, and ensure that the cart is well-stocked and properly maintained throughout the day.

Event servers play an essential role in ensuring the success of golf course events, whether they are working on the course or in the event tent. Prior to the event, servers may assist with set up by arranging tables and chairs, setting up serving stations, and ensuring that all necessary equipment is in place. During the event, servers may be responsible for greeting guests, taking food and drink orders, and delivering meals and drinks to tables. They may also be responsible for clearing plates, replenishing drinks, and ensuring that guests are well taken care of throughout the event. After the event, servers may assist with take down by breaking down tables and chairs, clearing out any remaining food or drink, and ensuring that the event space is clean and tidy. Strong customer service skills, attention to detail, and the ability to work well in a team are essential for success in this role. Whether it’s setting up tables or serving drinks, event servers play an important role in creating a memorable experience for guests and members of the golf course community.

To apply for a position with our Food & Beverage team, please email a cover letter & resume with a copy of your ProServe Certification to Molly at