Club Rules

Rules & Regulations / Code of Conduct

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Cancellation/No Show Policy:  All changes to any tee time booking must be made a minimum of 24 hours  in advance.  All changes to any booking inside 24 hrs. are subject to a regular green fee charge based on the day and time of booking.  This fee will be automatically be charged to the credit card on file at River Spirit.

Dress Code:  All players are required to wear suitable golf attire at all times on the course and in the clubhouse.  Proper golf attire is mandatory and those offending the dress code will be asked to change into suitable attire or could be asked to leave the premises. Prohibited dress for all male players includes but is not limited to: Sleeveless shirts, no shirts, fishnet shirts, shirts with garish or vulgar slogans, sweat pants, denim pants (includes all colors), cut-offs gym shorts or any shorts having an in-seam less than 6 inches.  All golf shirts or mock neck shirts must have a collar. Prohibited dress for all female players includes but is not limited to: Halter tops, fishnet tops, shirts with garish or vulgar slogans, sweat pants, denim pants (includes all colors), cut-offs gym shorts or any shorts having an in-seam less than 6 inches.  All golf shirts without a collar must have sleeves.  All sleeveless shirts must have a collar. Please adhere to these Dress Restrictions and encourage others to do so as well.  Any questions may be directed to the golf shop.

Music Policy: At no point on the golf course at River Spirit is outside music allowed. We strive to offer a relaxing enjoyable golfing environment. Our focus is back to nature and celebrating the heritage of the game of golf. For this reason we respectfully request that no patrons have any music playing during the time spent on course to ensure all golfers experience is not disrupted.

Power Cart Usage:  Any person booking a tee time at River Spirit will be held responsible for any damages to River Spirit property that occurs by any member of that tee time booking.  All power carts must be returned to the clubhouse no later than 10:00 pm in peak season.
The Course Marshal / Starter are empowered to enforce the Club's Rules and Regulations. Members and guests are expected to respect their authority. You must be 18 years of age to rent a power cart. No juniors can drive power carts at any time.

Rain Check Policy:  Any players starting in the rain will not be issued a rain check.  Players that choose to stop play because of rain will be issued a pro-rated rain check for the amount of holes not played.  This rain check will have a dollar value and can be used against any item for purchase at River Spirit.

*Each golfer must have his or her own set of golf clubs (rentals are available).
*No alcoholic beverages are permitted on the golf course unless dispensed by the Club in accordance with A.G.L.C. regulations.
*The club shall not be held responsible for loss or theft of golf clubs, equipment and personal effects stored at the Club’s facilities. 
*Players MUST NOT start from the 1st tee of any course without permission from the Golf Shop.


Management and/or the Member Society Board reserves the right to suspend privileges of any member whose conduct negatively affects the enjoyment of fellow members and/or daily fee golfers. This includes conduct in the clubhouse, on the golf course, driving golf carts, and in dealings with golf staff.

Members use of foul language, breaking any of the prescribed rules, or acting in a manner encroaching upon the rights of others, may be asked to leave and/or may have their membership privileges suspended. Please inform the Golf Shop or Course Marshal / Starter immediately if any golfers are abusing the golf course rules or regulations.  Under no circumstances shall any member abuse any employee verbally or otherwise.  Any complaints about employees or the operation of the Club must be made in writing to Cole Bygrove, Owner. Verbal complaints will not be considered.